Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 13


Shark Tank India’s Season 3 Episode 13 debuted on February 6, 2024. Shark Tank India is a Hindi-language business reality television series broadcast by Sony Entertainment Television. It is the Indian adaptation of the American show Shark Tank. The show shows entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to a panel of investors known as sharks, who then decide whether or not to invest in them.

Shark Tank India Season 3 episode 13 features a panel of judges who will provide funding to new entrepreneurs in exchange for shares in their business. The four main judges are Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, Aman Gupta, and Vineeta Singh. Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO of Zomato; Azhar Iqubal, Co-Founder and CEO of Inshorts; Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms; Radhika Gupta, MD and CEO of Edelweiss MF; Varun Dua, Founder of ACKO; and Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder and Chairperson of UpGrad, are among the new members.

In addition, Rahul Dua returns to his role as show host. The episode premieres on television and will also be live-streamed on the Sony LIV app. Each episode has a total duration of 60 minutes.

-Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 13 Review Contains Some Spoilers-

Three fresh entrepreneurs returned to the shark tank to change their fate. With amazing ideas, the free thinkers presented equally interesting goods that the judges and viewers had never seen or were familiar with. However, the interesting offers and strong rivalry kept the show’s entertainment value intact.

The first entrepreneur introduces their company, Gud Gum, which sells sugar-free, non-plastic chewing gum. The panel immediately felt attracted by the product and wanted to learn more. Also, people want to know if it provides the health benefits that the founders claim. Eventually, after considerable discussion, three sharks, Aman, Ritesh, Vineeta, and Anupam, made an offer that the owners accepted after talks.

Next, a revolutionary product is brought onto the tank, called Eva Scalp Cooling System. The device focuses on solving the problem of hair loss in cancer patients due to chemotherapy. Namita being heavily involved with the healthcare industry asks many questions to verify the working process of the device. The Sharks remained hesitant in investing but Namita, Ritesh and Aman saw potential in the product. They provided a deal and the founder closed it without further questions.

However, not all pitches have a good conclusion. The next brand to arrive is Elitty, India’s first teen brand. They have a line of makeup products aimed directly at teenagers. The brand has everything, from numerous eyeliner tints to lipsticks. However, their aggressive marketing caused dissatisfaction among investors, resulting in no deal.

Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Final Thoughts

In the new episode, entrepreneurs showcase creative ideas, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. The pitch sessions are entertai

ning, and the sharks’ careful evaluation adds another dimension of curiosity. Negotiations are conducted with strategic style, and audiences see lively debates among the panelists. The episode is a rollercoaster of high-risk decisions as entrepreneurs navigate the complexity of deal-making. It’s a thrilling watch, with achievements, struggles, and the prospect of innovative success. Viewers avidly await the pivotal moments when agreements are concluded or the sharks decide to pass, resulting in an extremely interesting and gratifying program.

The third season of the entrepreneurial-themed reality show got over 62,000 applications, but only 198 individuals were chosen to pitch their business ideas to the panelists. The show balances drama and business lessons perfectly. Here are five interesting lessons that viewers can take while watching ‘Shark Tank’

Lesson 1: Try A Different Approach

This means, revising the business model, packaging, or making a new strategy. For example, shifting service delivery methods from offline to online and changing the medium of narrating a story from written to video. Remember, this is not about following trends as they change all the time.

Lesson 2: Recognise When To Accept The Assistance And Knowledge Of Others

To make continuous progress, new insights are needed. Although managing everything on one’s own is a significant achievement, it is not impossible. Accept the assistance of others in their time of need. Hopefully, this will prevent the company from stagnating.

Lesson 3: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Startups come across constant challenges in the rapidly changing Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. Despite the weekly creation of new businesses, many fail shortly. Thus, evaluating market possibility is critical, taking into account scalability, demand endurance, and avoiding transitory trends.

Lesson 4: Know Thy Business

An entrepreneur must understand how internal and external difficulties will impact her or his business in the long run. For example, one of the pitches featured Modern Myth, a vegan bag manufacturer. Ashneer Grover, a panelist, questioned the inventors’ claim that the bag designs would be difficult to duplicate in the future.

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